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Welcome to the portal for residents of South Jute.

Upcoming dates, holidays and national events:

  • Bifkines 28 – Last day to participate in the South Jutean census.

  • Firiden 1 – Begin of Tax Season, with pre-filled tax forms available for checking until Firiden 28.

Services available online:


Official mail can be received and sent here. Login necessary.

Court cases and elections

The newest and an archive of previous verdicts and cases of the Court of the Republic as well as general information about the court system can be found here, how to request legal aid and what rights a citizen, resident, worker or business owner has.
Furthermore, information on past and upcoming elections is available here.

Community register

Information on the data stored in the community register, and how to request, enter and update personal data. This includes data on citizenship, families, households, residences and vehicles.

Mobile banking and taxes

Information on and instructions for the use of mobile banking services can be found here, as well as information on taxation.

Healthcare information

Most recent healthcare information can be found here, including on how to help prevent common health issues, how to treat them, and when to seek assistance. Information on vaccines and available doctors and treatments in South Jute is also available.

Community support

Information on available support programs for anyone who is unemployed, disabled, chronically ill, infirm or otherwise in need of aid.