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Welcome to the portal for business partners of South Jute and anyone else interested in the economic opportunities of the country.

Upcoming dates, holidays and national events:

  • Bifkines 26 – Trial run of trader app begins. Download it at the most common app stores or here.

  • Firiden 1 – Begin of Tax Season, with pre-filled tax forms available for checking until Firiden 28.

Services available online:

Doing business in South Jute

General information on working, opening businesses and investing in South Jute, including information on the legal framework and the main economic sectors.

Permits and regulations for workers, business owners and investors

Information on work and business permits, forms needed by investors, how to apply for them and relevant regulations.

International job listings and tendering competitions

South Jute is always open to skilled talents from abroad that are in need in the country. Open positions can be checked here. Contractors offering international services may also check here for opportunities to submit tenders for specific projects.

Economic data

The latest economic data, including data on growing and shrinking economic sectors, imports and exports as well as the workforce and resources produced and used.

Information for traders

Information on import/export regulations, permits for commercial use of harbors and airports and information for inter-YC commerce.

Rights and community obligations of workers, business owners, investors and traders

Information on the different types of taxation, auditing and right and benefits guaranteed by law for workers, business owners, investors and traders.