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Welcome to the portal for visitors of South Jute and those seeking residence in the country.

Upcoming dates, holidays and national events:

  • Bifkines 24-28 – Sazepeke Festival, boat racing to dance music.

  • Firiden 1 – Sazepeke History Exhibition opens in Museum of the Republic for Cultural History.

Services available online:

General information

General information on the country, including geography, climate and weather, culture and history.

Visa, immigration and citizenship

Information on visas, immigration permits and citizenship and how to apply for them.

International job listings and tendering competitions

South Jute is always open to skilled talents from abroad that are in need in the country. Open positions can be checked here. Contractors offering international services may also check here for opportunities to submit tenders for specific projects.

Important facts for visitors

Information on how to stay safe and healthy in South Jute, including e.g. required vaccinations for entry, as well as other useful facts to make the most of any stay.

Accommodation and transport

Information on how and where accommodation can be obtained, and which types are available. Additionally, information on how to get around in South Jute.

Cultural events and sights

Upcoming cultural events of interest for visitors and suggestions for sightseeing tours, as well as information on local tour guides.