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48th annual Mermelia-South Jute summit in Laina

The annual Mermelia-South Jute summit concluded on Mirsheikha 20. It surveyed and reviewed the enforcement of the co-sovereignty treaty underlying the basic laws of the land governed by both South Jute and Mermelia, bordering the Bay of Daaliwa as well as the hinterland of the northernmost part of the Ersaj river with the exclusion of Laina and its port, as well as the rights of the people living in it.

Read more about what was discussed, decided and determined and what it means for you here.

48th annual South-Jutean Mermelia-South Jute summit in the dining hall of the Parliament of the Republic in Laina

New app for traders in Laina port

In cooperation with the transport company and telecommunication provider Ystelsevaja the Parliament of the Republic has published a new app notifying traders of incoming and outcoming ships, delays and other issues. Furthermore, market prices of assorted goods and services as well as various forms and contact data are available as well to help reduce overhead time and support trade.

Read more about it here.

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